• A groundbreaking solution for clinical investigation of joint kinematics

    KiRA is a medical device used to evaluate outpatient functional stability of the knee.

    Designed to support the physician in the diagnosis of ACL injury and the physiotherapist during rehabilitation.

  • A reliable assistant measuring your perceptions

    Quantifies and records the Pivot Shift test and Lachman test.

    Compares right and left knee behavior.

    Stores patient’s examinations results for an effective follow up evaluation.

  • Wireless technology and pocket sized sensor

    Easy to carry, easy to use.

    Always available in any situation.

    Download the App for iPad for free and connect it to KiRA sensor.

  • Join us

    Are you interested in the Smart KiRA device?
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KiRA – Kinematic Rapid Assessment device

KiRA is a medical device for outpatient use. KiRA supports the analysis of knee joint kinematics and dynamic laxities, providing both real-time graphics and quantitative information about the examination.

The diagnosis of anterior cruciate ligament injury is a process that includes a set of complex information to be connected and often it is difficult to carry out a choice especially in the case of partial ligament injury. This is especially relevant and critical to professional athletes.

KiRA represents a fundamental support to the clinical investigation as it allows to detect and assess the grade of suspected ACL lesion.

Moreover during the follow-up and rehabilitation phase KiRA represents a key tool for monitoring the functional recovery of the patient.

Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth Low Energy Device compatible with iPad, iPad mini, iPad retina, based on inertial sensors technology.

Fast, Effective, Immediate

Easy to use, non-invasive, small sized and portable, KiRA allows to have an exact assessment and immediate visualization of the knee stability in any context you want to operate.

A single device for a full picture of the knee

Pivot Shift and Lachmann, main kinematic tests for the diagnosis of ACL injury and knee rehabilitation, measured and stored in real time.

Greater security in diagnosis!

KiRA standardizes the diagnostic process, reducing risks of false positives.

For the confidence of doctor and patient.


Apply KiRA sensor to the patient’s limb and make the tests in the standard way.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, KiRA allows you to

- Measure and record performed test

- Quickly compare obtained right and left knee outcomes

- Create a patient record to effectively monitor patient’s follow-up

- Save in PDF format and export via email examination report.

Available in the App Store Download

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