As reported in the editorial of volume 20 issue 4 of KSSTA Journal ” The goal of an ACL reconstruction should be to reduce the pivot shift!” and also “…it would make sense to ‘standardize’ the pivot shift test, so that clinical outcome can be compared in a meaningful manner.”

During Panther global summit, held in Pittsburgh in 2011, standardization test were performed. Test were conducted with 12 expert surgeons. Results indicates that performing a standardized pivot shift test produces not only similar examinations but displayed similar acceleration curves, whereas during the surgeons’ preferred technique, they did not. The instructional video that describes the standardized pivot shift test can be retrieved on KSSTA website.

Click here to retrieve video on standardized pivot shift test

Pivot shift test with KiRA

Hand position during standardized pivot shift test with KiRA

In that issue of KSSTA Journal the path for the next years on ACL research has been traced. Standardized pivot shift test is fundamental to improve diagnosis and research on ACL field. Our effort at Orthokey, in the design of KiRA, totally adapt to what reported by the opinion leaders in this field.

Using KiRA helps to standardize results of pivot shift test during the evaluation of ACL lesion and in the control of joint laxity during recovery. Quantification of standardized pivot shift in the clinical setting is more valid and reliable than simple subjective evaluation of a manual pivot shift test. Moreover the standardized shift will help communicating between docs, and the standardized shift will help decrease variability when using quantitative devices such as KiRA